Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group

The Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG) is an organized collaborative of governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote and protect the sexual and reproductive health of youth in California. ASHWG is comprised of program managers from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), California Department of Education (CDE), and key non-governmental organizations (NGO) committed to working more effectively to address the sexual and reproductive health of California adolescents.


Positive Youth Development Organizational Assessment
Administrator Guide

What is Positive Youth Development?
Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a strengths-based, holistic approach to working with youth to promote healthy development and outcomes. PYD focuses on the process of creating an environment that provides protective factors, which promote personal strengths and resilience.


This resource list was put together by the Tools and Training committee of ASHWG to help district administrators, teachers, parents or others seeking current resources for implementing comprehensive sexual health education in California.

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Immigrant Youth Deserve Equal Access to Quality Sex Ed

By Hannah Brown, Health Connected If you follow current affairs in the U.S., you have probably heard the phrase “unaccompanied immigrant minor” many times over the last few years. The Trump administration’s focus on the issue of immigration has intensified public discourse and left many immigrants feeling uncertain about their future prospects in the United […]

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How young is too young to start discussing explicit images with my kids?

By Vanessa Kellam, Health Connected Many parents agree – children require guidance on the topic of pornography. Philosophically, most assert that it should happen within the home, first and foremost. Parents provide a moral context for formal education about sexual health, relationships, drugs, alcohol, and other risk-related behaviors. It makes good sense to educate their own […]

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Do I really need to talk to my child about porn?

By Vanessa Kellam, Health Connected Adults are standing in two groups, each at opposite sides of the room. Some stand confidently, with their “game face” on. Others shift from foot to foot, trying to avoid eye contact, clearly uncomfortable with the exercise.  I’m facilitating an activity requiring parents to respond to a series of statements, […]

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Goal 1:

To improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes and health equity among California youth.

Goal 2:

To increase access to exemplary sexual health education among California youth.

Goal 3:

To increase access to sexual and reproductive health services among California youth

Goal 4:

To promote positive youth development and healthy relationships among California youth

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