California Healthy Youth Act: Reflections on Mandated Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

By: The Adolescent Sexual Health Policy Work Group The California Healthy Youth Act (EC sections 51930–51939) took effect on January 1, 2016. If you’re not familiar, the law requires school districts to provide students with integrated, comprehensive, accurate, and inclusive comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education, at least once in middle school and […]

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Rural-Urban Disparities in Adolescent Pregnancy: Implications for policy and educational institutions

By: Lauren Caton The Issue While the U.S. and California have made substantial progress in reducing rates of adolescent birth over the past twenty years, significant disparities in family planning access and reproductive health knowledge persist for youth in rural areas.  In fact, these youth are more likely to give birth during adolescence and less […]

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On The Importance Of Intersectionality in Sex Education

By: Kathleen Morrison In the United States there are a few standard paths that public school sexual health education tends to follow: strict abstinence-only education, sex education that pushes for abstinence but mentions condoms, contraception, and STI prevention, and progressive sex education that attempts to teach about all manner of sexuality-related topics in a comprehensive […]

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Core Competency Gameplan

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Positive Youth Development Gameplan

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Data and Data Integration Gameplan

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