How young is too young to start discussing explicit images with my kids?

By Vanessa Kellam, Health Connected Many parents agree – children require guidance on the topic of pornography. Philosophically, most assert that it should happen within the home, first and foremost. Parents provide a moral context for formal education about sexual health, relationships, drugs, alcohol, and other risk-related behaviors. It makes good sense to educate their own […]

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Do I really need to talk to my child about porn?

By Vanessa Kellam, Health Connected Adults are standing in two groups, each at opposite sides of the room. Some stand confidently, with their “game face” on. Others shift from foot to foot, trying to avoid eye contact, clearly uncomfortable with the exercise.  I’m facilitating an activity requiring parents to respond to a series of statements, […]

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#LetsTalkMonth: A Pressure Valve for This Moment

When it comes to sexual health, we are currently living through what history will recognize as a significant moment for human rights. Looking through young people’s eyes, all that is happening in our country and throughout our state must be jarring: #MeToo revelations are being revealed at a record pace, including the most recent headline-making […]

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