ASHWG vision/goal statement after the National Stakeholders Meeting in Las Vegas. This is the precursor to the “Strategic Plan”.

To create a coordinated, collaborative, and integrated system among government and non-government organizations (NGOs) to promote and protect the sexual and reproductive health of youth in California.
Objective 1:

To increase awareness and understanding of the many agencies and programs in California that address the sexual and reproductive health of youth – especially in respect to STD, HIV, and teen pregnancy prevention.
Objective 2:

To identify, integrate, and improve access to data collection and reporting systems with regard to teen births, STD/HIV rates, and sexual risk taking behaviors of youth.
Objective 3:

To develop and deliver integrated, comprehensive, high quality training and professional development for teachers, school nurses, health educators, community outreach workers, clinicians, and other health and non-health staff working with youth.
Objective 4:

To identify specific strategies to:

obtain funding specifically for initiatives and programs that integrate STD, HIV, and teen pregnancy prevention
use existing dollars and resources more effectively
propose legislation that facilitates integration and collaboration
foster integration and collaboration

Action Steps

Bring together an initial group of government officials who work across the span of HIV, STD, and teen pregnancy to present the concept and overarching goals/objectives of integration, get their perspectives and ideas on integration, and recommendations for how we might proceed.
Convene a summit or a series of summits attended by stakeholders (gatekeepers, advocates, policy makers, youth, and key staff from state and local government agencies and NGOs). Summit participants will be presented with the concept and overarching goals/objectives of integration. Summit participants will add to or modify goals/objectives and will articulate a shared vision for HIV, STD, and teen pregnancy prevention.
From the summit(s) establish a working committee or “roundtable” that will meet regularly to implement the goals and objectives identified above and any others developed at the summit(s). Ideally, the roundtable would be guided by some kind of platform of tangible reforms that would be jointly pursued and supported by the group.

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