There is more reason than usual to celebrate the New Year! January 1st marked the one-year anniversary of the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA). Thanks to CHYA, comprehensive sexual health is mandated in California middle schools and high schools.

Before schools can effectively practice the new law of the land in their classrooms, they need to know which sexual health curricula meet the law’s requirements. In an effort to support California schools, ASHWG formed a committee to review California’s most widely used sexual health education curricula. The goal was to see how closely each one aligned with the new law.

After months of hard work, the curriculum review is complete! We hope this review will not only be helpful for schools when choosing resources to help deliver comprehensive sexual health education, but also helpful for curriculum publishers. The review provides guidance on how publishers can update existing materials so that they better align with the law and provides publishers with an opportunity to publicly respond to the report.

You can learn more about the curriculum review process here and check out the reports here.  For questions and/or comments about this project, you can contact email ashwgca@gmail.com.

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